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"There’s liking drugs, & then there’s LIKING drugs."

I find this statement substantially more than accurate.

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Emotional intimacy: an introvert’s ultimate turn on. Brenda Knowles (via psl) 63 notes

Pulp Fiction (1994)


Guild the nights
In liquor fueled haze
And amber sodium lights.

Cigarettes and friendly fights
Sex, drugs, debauchery, love,
It’s not the substance I am addicted to
It’s the sense of living life.

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First time logging back on in ages, I can’t believe I still have followers!! :o :o :o
So so sorry for my absence, loves! Life and thangs have been crazy, but I promise on a day off I’m sitting my ass down & doing some hardcore Tumbling. It’s time to get back, I miss this shit.

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Head of roses

I mean, this little angel is just too precious.

"I used to be worth something" #brooklynstreetart

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